At work today….

A girl fainted in my class again. Last week a boy threw up. I’m beginning to wonder exactly what kind of ethos my teaching is subliminally promoting and how to stop it. However my classroom has not literally turned into an island this year, sickness so so far I’m one up this time round!
My fourth year boys did a rather excellent presentation on women’s rights in the 19th century using (oh the irony) Betty Boop (mispelled as Betty Boob) as their powerpoint graphic. Here it is! It is hilarious.

Women in the 19th C

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  1. Guy Incognito Says:

    People throwing up?!?!?!?!!? Fainting?!?!?!?! Are you pumping Nerve Gas into the ventilation system at you your school or something?!?!?!?!!?

  2. gordie Says:


    How exciting!
    (about your website)

    In what way did your class last year become an island?

    I enjoyed the presentation – well informative. Sounds like a good group of guys (did they pick the topic or did you?) The bit about craniologists having to backtrack was funny, and telling. ‘Well, what we REALLY meant was…’

    I hope you’re going to take this opportunity to tell us what to do with semi-colons and things…

    Speaking of Shakespeare… went to see this show at the fringe the other day called MacHomer. Well good. ‘Is this a knife I see before me? or is it a pizza?’

  3. Dilligenz Says:

    Wow! You must be the best English teacher in the world:

    “Heather – So good at her job you’ll end up at the auxiliary’s office”

    Hmm – I think you should get a badge to that effect.

  4. Dilligenz Says:

    That’s classic…

    Betty Boop used as an illustration for women’s rights…

    That’s right up there with:

    Germaine Greer eat your heart out.

  5. HThorp Says:

    Large badge with lots of glitter shouldn’t be too hard to manage. Secretly I’d like one that gives electric shocks sometimes. Gordie – fun lesson in punctuation comin’ up! See site for island story.