We have adopted a little tabby fella who is four months old, this but we’re struggling to find a name. Any suggestions? We want something quirky but not trite, literary but not too flowery, and sweet but not sickly.

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  1. Noelinho Says:

    I was going to suggest Poppy, but that’s a flower!

    It’s still a nice name though :)

  2. davee Says:

    Mrs davee likes cats very much. She always wanted to name one after a word starting with ‘cat’: in fact she had a little wooden house with little wooden cats in it when she was little. The cats were called: ‘mandu’, ‘astrophe’, ‘apult’ and (my personal favourite) ‘flap’. :-)

  3. Noelinho Says:

    Ah, also didn’t read the bit that says he’s male. Woopsie!

  4. HThorp Says:

    Ben wants to call him Tybalt but I think its too evil.

  5. JediMoose » Blog Archive » Cat! redux Says:

    [...] For those of you not yet avid readers of Illyria, we are getting a cat, but are unsure what to name him. [...]

  6. Cheezy Says:

    Hmmmm,how about Gandalf, Gandalf the cat, has a nice ring to it dont it,hehe,he’s not evil…

  7. pickle Says:

    Well Hobbes would be my favourite, but I’ve always fancied calling a cat Muttly. Of course I always fancied training a dog with the meanings of the words swapped over, sit for speak, liedown for heel, etc. You probably shouldn’t listen to me…

  8. gordie Says:

    I think Mandu or Gandalf would be good.

    Some blokes from books/newspapers I have read recently… Iorek (also a bear), Sauron (…oh – bit evil that one), George or maybe Tam?

    What does redux mean?

  9. HThorp Says:

    It means bringing back. Like Apocalypse Now Redux

  10. Cheezy Says:

    I think Gandalf wins out of all of them,hehe

  11. gordie Says:

    So this cat you’ve got was in an apocalypse? Is it not a bit upset?

  12. HThorp Says:

    We’ll let him take it out on your guitar, don’t worry!