Pizza Punctuation

I have been inspired by our friends Gordie and Homer to educate the world on advanced punctuation using the glorious pizza as my ilustration. You see the pizza base. You spread it with your tomato concoction. You add the cheese. But to stop there would make your meal dull and monotonous. You want to break up the taste with a scattering of other ingredients, page and this is what punctuation is for.

So I am now going to attempt to explain the various forms of punctuation through pizza toppings. Firstly, pauses in descending order of length!
Full stop. Large black olive
Colon: Two black olives
Semi colon; black olive and tiny curved piece of onion
Comma, tiny curved piece of onion

Extra pauses to have fun with in a Bridget Jones type of fashion:
Dashes – anchovies. Not everyone knows what to do with them.
Brackets (red pepper slices)
Elipsis … sweetcorn which always lasts longer than you think

If anyone makes the punctuation pizza I’d be very interested to know! Isn’t it interesting that it’s mostly vegetarian?

I hereby dedicate this pizza to Kerry and Kim.

And don’t get me started on apostrophes. It’s really not worth it.

No Responses to “Pizza Punctuation”

  1. gordie Says:

    Thankyou :)

    That’s going to come in well handy next time I have to do an assignment in kitchen of Pizza Hut while there’s a global shortage of pens and computers.

    Didn’t know those dots were called ellpsis (ellipsisses?).

    What is your text for your ill class? Reckon I’d faint if I had to do school again.

  2. HThorp Says:

    The class are doing Northanger Abbey which is a Jane Austen early text. Its not the most exciting unless you major on the humour and gothic stuff. I believe the plural of ellipsis is ellipses but your way is much more fun. You should do a ‘learn to spell with Gordie’ site. What would your spelling rules be?

  3. gordie Says:

    Thanks :)

    My rules would be similar to scrabble

    1) Use a dictionary for spelling
    2) If you can get away with it, do it
    and also
    3) Exaggerate where possible – wheeee…….!!!!

    Think I may be better suited to teaching some tx spk tho.

    Speaking of Jane Austen – I had to study a really boring book for my RPR in fifth year. Do you still do RPR’s?

  4. HThorp Says:

    Yes. Which book?

  5. gordie Says:

    ‘The Plague’ Albert Camus.
    I did choose to do that one right enough.