Hooray for holidays!

It has been a long and torturous term. But I am now free! Free to have long lies, side effects finish Lego Macbeth and get the Shakespeare site up and running! I am off to Wagamamas for a celebratory noodle with fellow freed colleagues later, troche and then some celebratory drinks after. Hallelujah!

And the sun is shining!

Footnote: as it was raining and we didn’t want to walk elsewhere, we ended up in the Garage. But I did bump into some fellow Moosers and a moosette! Up yet guys?

No Responses to “Hooray for holidays!”

  1. mrben Says:

    Yay for holidays \o/

    Boo for /me not being on holidays :(

  2. Supergingerman Says:

    im not on holiday either

    but i did see mrsben last night!!!!!!!!!!

    did you hear them play welcome to the jungle last night?
    but as a now offical student leader (got the award yesterday) it was really good

    and an amazing surprise to see you there :)

  3. Noelinho Says:

    Shakespeare website, eh? I don’t believe you’ve talked about any Shakespeare website on your subdomain, Illyria. What could it be?

  4. mrsBen Says:

    Shakespeare in Lego. Scene by scene. Starting Monday. All very educational and fun.

  5. Noelinho Says:

    Just let me know when I can give it a little pimping :)

  6. Supergingerman Says:

    oh yeah.. who was the moosette?

    doug might get upset if you thought it was him :P

  7. mrsBen Says:

    Of course it was Douge – he hasn’t been officially inauguraed as a full moose so when’s the initiation ceremony? You have warned him about this haven’t you?