Night Out!

Russells and then the Buff Club.


No Responses to “Night Out!”

  1. mrben Says:

    And a good time was had by all!

  2. Guy Incognito Says:

    Darn tootin, when is the next one?????????
    ;) GI

  3. Cheezy Says:

    Twas a good night, Al and Ruth were indeed missed,but we did plod on without them.

    Next one is…right now! *goes into russells and waits for the others* :P

  4. Noelinho Says:

    Yeah, and can it be in Sheffield next time?

  5. Supergingerman Says:

    noel we decided that you still shoulda been there… you coulda stayed at mine lol and got the train back on sat or sunday :P

    but that night was good :D

    and tsk to al and ruth :(
    i want my 16 good reasons on my desk by wednesday please

  6. gordie Says:

    I’ve got broadband. Can totally see your pictures now. I think tigger looks a bit like Ben in that first photo.