Strange names

There’s a hairdressing shop in Paisley called ‘Getyourdomedone’.

Which strikes me as an odd marketing decision.

Much like marketing a car as having the best bum of any car around.

I see you baby…

No Responses to “Strange names”

  1. Supergingerman Says:

    … shaking that ass? (if you where refering to the song….)

    but i do like the name of the shop ;)

  2. Guy Incognito Says:

    Hey Paisley was once home of a Topless Hair Dressers called “Off the Top”, now thats originality for you!!!!

    I wonder if they were fully qualified hairdressers?????

  3. mrsBen Says:

    It really doesn’t bear thinking about.

    But to both of you – pretty good at shaking your asses!
    Will we see some more on Saturday???

  4. Dilligenz Says:

    Mrs Ben – Give that husband of yours a dunt, will you?

    Seems to be stuck in the groove.

    Mr Ben – we’re all coming. Cos it’s gonna be fab.

    The End.