More Pressies, and my first handmade felt!

Here is a picture of some of the lovely things I received today!


A huge bundle of inspiration and loveliness from my husband and sister-in-law – many thanks to you; and to my parents-in-law who have given me an amazing voucher for V V Rouleaux; and to Kerry for a very generous book token which means I can indulge in more indulgence still!

What a happy girl I am!
It is such a gorgeous day today – and I have the afternoon off all to myself!!!! I have worked really hard all week and now I have finished my prelim marking! Hooray!
This morning I went and spent my V V Rouleaux voucher!

I adore the bird – I might try and make it into a mobile for the baby!

Gorgeous yarn I got from Kyle&Charlotte and Naomi:


And my first experiment in making my own felt, pilule
with some sparkly nylon!First handmade felt

It reminds me of the coast where I grew up. Beware – some or all of these items may appear in a present for you…

One Response to “More Pressies, and my first handmade felt!”

  1. Guy Incognito Says:

    Is there end to your talents?!?!?