The floodgates of heaven are definitely open!

I don’t normally blog about the day to day difference I feel being a Christian makes, global burden of disease but I just can’t keep this inside anymore – and it’s only a tiny part of how loved I feel! I hope it makes sense! And expresses my enormous gratitude to all!
Over the last few months, rx and this one in particular, prostate we have had so many unexpected gifts that are specific answers to prayer.

This morning, Ben got £100 for Mozambique from an acquaintance at work!

The post arrived with an anonymous gift for a Valentine’s meal in the Ashoka!

My mum took me to Mothercare and bought me a pile of baby things! And helped me paint!
Two weeks ago we had a cheque from a relative for £500 for Mozambique.

The week before we had a cheque from another relative to help us get the bathroom done.

About the same time, we got our baby travel system, feeding equipment, clothes and toys from friends at church.

At Christmas we got these beautiful handmade gifts from Ben’s parents:

Baby shawl

Before Christmas we got a cradle, cot, rocking horse, high chair and stair gates from the woman next door, and I got about £1000 of craft stuff to help start a new business from friend’s aunt!

And lots more! We literally are struggling with room for it all!

…see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it… Mal 3;10

3 Responses to “The floodgates of heaven are definitely open!”

  1. Dinoman Says:

    Amen. Sounds so exciting :) Love it.

    Whats this new business then heather???

  2. mrsBen Says:

    The last year I’ve been feeling particularly that a bigger change than just parenting is coming – wait and see! Have you read Max Lucado’s ‘Cure For the Common Life’?

  3. Val Says:

    hi heather, i just read your testimony above and i burst into tears. Just 2 weeks ago God told me is is busy turning the wheel to open the floodgates, i am standing on the dry side, but God is busy opening the floodgates and there will be overflow! then God said, High tide is coming, where all the fishes will come to feed, where the food will be sufficient, and low tide is no more!!!!!! i am trusting God for big things!!!
    regards, Val.