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Starting to feel human again…

Wednesday, June 6th, 2007

Mira’s top 5 favourite things to do:
1. Make cute faces.
2. Make cute noises.
3. Eat.
4. Pee while you’re changing her nappy.
5. Wriggling.

Mira’s top 5 hated things:
1. Having a bath.
2. Having a vest put on.
3. Wearing socks and scratch mitts.
4. Having clothes taken off.
5. Having face washed.

I’d like to thank the lovely lady who helped me with my shopping yesterday – don’t you just love a RAK?
Eight weeks
The photo editor is being weird again, prostate
so here are some extracts from my diary…

Mira was eight weeks old yesterday. We had a wonderful day: she had her nails cut and filed and her ears cleaned with cotton buds for the first time, then after her bath she shivered so Mum wrapped her up in her white lacy shawl like a Babushka. We went to church and she was admired with such joy and wonder, like royalty! In the afternoon we took her to the beach for the first time and Dad bought us all ice creams. There was a coldish wind, but I took my shoes off and the sand was warm beneath my feet. I had an afternoon snooze for an hour and a half. Swaddled in her white blanket and curling up repeatedly on Ben’s shoulder, she looks like a cute white caterpillar, a bit Anne Geddes.

At church I went out to feed her in the purple room, which still has the giant furry purple crab I made in Guides. It looks like the product of a drug-induced hallucination. Sara came out and made me a cup of tea and we chatted about babies – she’s had six. She told me that eighteen years ago she lived in London and she used to go to Habitat where her friend worked and feed her baby in the café. However, there were also gay men who used to breastfeed with dollies, lifting up their jumpers etc; and you couldn’t say anything because of fear of discrimination. She said it used to clear the café in no time.

She woke up at 4am this morning, not what I had hoped for in my desperate desire to feel like a semi-rested human being instead of a soggy newspaper. She has done 5am or 6am a few times recently. I must remind myself she could be getting up twice in the night at this age. And not to feel sorry for myself.

I have now changed 300 nappies.