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Easter Art Competition

Monday, March 17th, 2008

Here is my entry – heat bondable fibres with metallic and net inclusions, order machine embroidered, hospital wired, beaded and burnt .¬† The symbolism of a crown is one I love, and I’ve always loved lilies.

Finished headband

Me being me, I have imbued this with heavy amounts of spiritual meaning, but take from it what you will.

Headband detail

Some more of these may appear in the shop in a more wearable format.

Headband detail

Woolly Logic!

Monday, March 10th, 2008

So exciting! Ruth and I are in the process of starting to sell our creative goodies, gynecologist and our first online venture is on Etsy – see right. Our shop is called Woolly Logic! Etsy is a handmade goods site where you can safely shop if you can’t reach us in person! The site is in dollars, ambulance but because it takes Paypal, it means you don’t have to do any fiddling financially. At the moment, roughly speaking, you halve the number to get the price in pounds.

Handpainted emerald lime and yellow wool
Currently you can see Ruth’s fabulous handpainted wool – a bargain compared to the brands in shops – I want to keep it all for myself its so beautiful! Coming soon are our crochet corsages!

Crochet corsages

Please come and visit us! We’d love to woollify your world!

More cakey goodness

Saturday, March 8th, 2008

dolly mixture cakes

Lilac cakes!

Can’t seem to get enough¬† of these!!!