What I do to my shoes

I am not good to my shoes. Scuff kick scrape! (x1000) The silver on these wore off about six months after I bought them so I patched it with some silver glass outliner.

Shoes before collage
More scuffing kicking and scraping later, one health I was going to emboss them, visit web but then I saw some shoe collaged with stamps in ‘Craft’ magazine by Yasmin Bochi. So its Saturday morning, stuff and I should be cleaning the bathroom, but no, its time to get the PVA glue, some old books and some stamps!

Collage shoes

They’re not quite done yet – I need more stamps, so please pass me on any you have, particularly if they’re oldor foreign. I knew I should never have given away my stamp collection…

Then the shoes will need sealed with several coats of varnish. Here are some links of others:



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