Move in the opposite spirit

Irrepressible tenacity

This plant grows out of the wall on Squire Street, contagion near Dumbarton Road. I love it so much as it speaks so much to me of faith, site hope and determination. Two years ago there were just a couple of flowers in a tiny crack in the wall, and now look at it!

It doesn’t care that it’s in a wall and not some lush grass. It doesn’t feel embarrassed that it is out of place. It’s found the tiniest of niches and its got right in there, making concrete more and more beautiful every year. You could try saying, “You don’t belong here, could you take your purple bloominess elsewhere thank you very much,” but quite frankly it doesn’t care. And the world would be the poorer if it went away.

Maybe you’re where you are for a reason (excluding abusive situations ). Even if you think you don’t fit. Bloom anyway. Just out of sheer defiance to the naysayer. You are beautiful!

Here is a quick sketch I did last Sunday to express what I had been thinking about dealing with the gunk in life.

What “moving in the opposite spirit” means to me is that if you feel skint, find give something away, or if someone is nasty, do something nice for them. It can be good to do these things in secret, and they always make me feel better and break any negative atmosphere.

Romans 12

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