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Been busy…

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

I have been away on a couple of spiritual development courses lately, seek one with Streams and one with Invest. They were  both amazing and I feel very nourished! Many thanks to the grandparents who helped out with the little tiddler!


Tonight I am making cupcakes for a school coffee morning and getting to try out my new star nozzle for piping the top! I also hope to complete some creative projects. Maybe I’ll get some photos up at the weekend. I knowI didn’t get around to updating my Etsy shop yet but I will soon!

Right, off to cakeyness.

New Shoes

Monday, September 8th, 2008

They are pink AND purple with hearts AND butterflies AND flowers AND I love them so much they are all I talk about!

New Shoes

More Summer Jewellery Challenge

Monday, September 1st, 2008

I have been playing with the stacked spinner idea for a month or more, endocrinologist but here is one finished and one almost finished!



I love recycling and the heart is tin coloured with embossing powder. The beads in the starburst are from my sisters wedding dress offcuts, endocrinologist and the pink button was a surprise to me – I didn’t expect to use that colour, but it makes the whole thing pop! As usual, the symbolism is important. I know there are only four layers, but when I tried adding more it didn’t work – it got too busy or unbalanced.


This was my first time sawing, heat treating and forging copper! I also broke my husband’s drill on the hole – sorry dear! It’s not finished, as I want to add some text to the tag. I tried to add in wooden scrabble tiles or fridge poetry words but neither seemed to suit.



This is a WIP layered embroidery of lace, angelina and metallic organza wrapped round some more tin, which I’m going to wire and bead to finish. All my recent work is going to go on my etsy shop later today, at discount price as they were training pieces. So come and take a look! I had so much fun with them!