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The beads were calling…

Monday, January 26th, 2009

In the midst of all the crazyness, cystitis I don’t know how I managed this, denture but one night and afternoon I responded to a sparkly urge from deep within my soul -

Spring Necklace

This isn’t a great photo bu I’m not sure the next is much better…

Spring Necklace

It was wonderful stress relief therapy at any rate and fun!

Foundations and Baggage

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

I have been considering these topics in a spiritual light for my Invest presentation on Friday, rx but here are some other senses of the words…


1. Family foundations. I love my families in the broadest sense – I even feel like my colleagues are family – sisters! Church family is blowing me away at the moment.  Mira has been so incredibly sweet and snuggly and kissy today – andI have smooched a lot of teddy bear fur! My sister came down to support me at the weekend and we will have a few very lovely visitors over the next fortnight.


2. Creativity  – both a foundation and baggage! Part of what I do is recycling, pharmacist but I wanted to make hearts that would endure longer than card and I don’t have time to carve my own. These will be amazingly transformed when next seen…


However, to be honest, a lot of what I do is hoard  and collect, and stash reducing is a necessity. But I have bought this wire… so why? It is steel, and to buy this amount in sterling silver would have cost me over £200. The anitque colour is perfect , it cost me about £7 and should last for ages. So once my prelim marking is over, I hope to get started  – my head is buzzing with ideas. I also wanted some clear hard resin for jewellery purposes but that is proving harder to obtain.

The tree, the angel and the star.

Friday, January 2nd, 2009

Sorry I haven’t posted for ages – I’m afraid I have been ill and away. So belated Happy Christmas and New Year!


Mira had a great time and has developed an obession for tweaking the tree…


She was 21 months yesterday…


The real star though has been mrBen, viagra dosage who has held the fort while I lurked in bed. Thank you so much. Your homemade soup is wonderful. Love ya!