The tree, the angel and the star.

Sorry I haven’t posted for ages – I’m afraid I have been ill and away. So belated Happy Christmas and New Year!


Mira had a great time and has developed an obession for tweaking the tree…


She was 21 months yesterday…


The real star though has been mrBen, viagra dosage who has held the fort while I lurked in bed. Thank you so much. Your homemade soup is wonderful. Love ya!

3 Responses to “The tree, the angel and the star.”

  1. mrben Says:

    Aw shucks :blush:

  2. mawakee Says:

    Good to see you back blogging. Have missed the piccies and chat. lol xx

  3. Judy Scott Says:

    hope youre feeling better now ~ theres nothing like homemade soup for “get better” food ~