25 Random Things…

1. I can’t stand raw tomato. Cooked is fine!
2. I would love to study mixed media/textiles at Art School.
3. I also have two webbed toes on each foot.
4. I love hearing peoples dreams and trying to interpret them.
5. I have two zillion creative projects I’d like to do.
6. I have the best friends a girl could wish for.
7. My favourite holidays were to Venice and the Grand Canyon.
8. I am obsessed with blogland.
9. I am obsessed with yarn and fabric.
10. I am obsessed with beads and buttons.
11. I once ate a worm because my dad told me to.
12. He also told me walnuts could climb walls. I didn’t know about blutak then!
13. I have the sweetest husband in the world.
14. I like cake decorating.
15. My favourite food right now is Japanese, generic six months till I can eat sushi again!
16. My favourtie writers are the 19th century female variety.
17. My favourite film is Baz Luhrman’s Romeo and Juliet.
18. Normally I prefer happy endings. I like happy things.
19. My favourite illustrators are Eric Carle, Lauren Child and Quentin Blake.
20. I wish I could go sledging today, but it’s probably not wise in my condition.
21. I have boys names picked out but struggling a bit to agree on girl’s names with Ben.
22. Mira has the best hair of any toddler I know! (I’m biased!)
23. I really wish she would not scream when we wash her though!
24. My favourite colour is blue – turquoises at the moment.
25. Being a Christian is the most amazing adventure I have ever been on!

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