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So I am now feeling energetic enough to crochet and have already broken my no more stash vow rather badly… I thought about all the things I was going to give up this year in the way of trips and conferences, ambulance as travelling and fees would be demanding, website like this so I bought yarn for when I’m too big to go anywhere and to comfort me and bring colour therapy… and to add to my blanket!


Th colours are a bit washed out but I have learned a lot this month: 1. I don’t like centre joins – I’m now doing them in the corners. 2. How to block – thanks Attic 24! 3. What colours work – I’m really not happy with the central 12 round and may pull it back to ten and then use it later, or crochet the last two rounds in the ivory. I also joined ravelry and got given some exciting knitting needles… more tomorrow!

Here is the original pattern:


I’m hoping to learn to be as bold and fearless with colour but I’m still a bit colour panicky…

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