On Saturday I met Rachel John at one of the stands and she had the most amazing textiles made out of yarn combined from¬† ten or more strands of yarn, diet knitted on HUGE needles. What surprised me most was that she used yarn I previously disdained for being too fuzzy or eyelashy or glittery and made it look amazing! And the texture – so thick and soft and squishy! So I looked out all the yarn I couldn’t work out how to use before and made my own ten strand ball of eyelash, neuropathist mohair, approved wool and cotton…


And cast on 14 stitches with my 20mm needles…


I think this is a great way of reducing waste too – I bunged in all kinds of end scraps, some from Cyndi, attempted some colour variation, but I’m still not keen on the eyelash.¬† Sorry eyelash yarns – never bought you, never will.

Will probably be a cushion for driving support.
I have been Mummying, cystitis
Working, case Crocheting, public health
Invest-ing, Rock-ing, dreaming… Helen came to help out this morning and we went to Jurassic Jungle!


Have to go out to homework class now…

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