6 and a half weeks to go…

Ben and I graduated from Invest yesterday, urologist and I finish work this coming Friday, advice which will give me seven weeks before the baby is born. Bump is still apparently testing my muscle elasticity or trying to kick his or her way out early! So now it is time to get going on finishing projects and getting the house ready. Completed project 1 – Birdie Brooches from ‘The Happy Hooker’ book:


They don’t look quite the same in the picture and something weird has happened to the middle one’s head/beak.  I prefer the flowers really – and have plans to put some on a cardi for Mira that Penny helped me finish! Photos to follow soon! I am also nearly finished my shoes and doing some more on my Babette.

There are zillions of things that need doing round the house – the cushions and carpets need cleaned, urologist the open plan living/dining/kitchen needs painted to remove all the marks that won’t wash off. I think a washable tough white is the way to go! But I’m getting over my cold, and am fed up putting house stuff off.  The bathroom also needs a bit of finishing. I hope I can get through it  – in a sensible, not-wearing-myself-out-before-the-baby fashion!
Today I feel like I have recovered a bit from school after spending the last three and a half days sleeping or dozing. I hate that the house is a tip so this morning I did some long overdue cleaning and made lemonade:


The recipe is: zest and juice of a large lemon, opisthorchiasis
a pound of sugar, link
a pint of boiling water and a 1/3 rd oz citric acid.


As we have another heatwave predicted, it seemed essential to have a batch made up – and the smell! Definitely in my top ten smells.


Mira felt her hair needed more jazzing up today.


There are two guaranteed ways to produce this face: saying no and turning off the TV. We have a week of exciting activities planned – yesterday was soft play and she actually went in the ball pool for a whole two minutes! Today is knit and natter day, and swimming later on. Bath time has now occured twice without drama and she is sitting on a toilet every morning (but not actually using it yet!).

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