Me: What a good girl you are, pharmacy Mira!

Mira: I’m not good, phthisiatrician I’m FABULOUS!

Mira: You’re not having ANOTHER jaffa cake, Mummy?

Me: Yes. Yes I am.

blanket wip

I am over half way in my blanket. I think it is going to take me over a year in the end because I frogged all the turquoise stripes and I’m glad I did. I didn’t want pink in it but the blanket had another plan! It nagged me until I got rid of the offending clash and it seems to work quite well. The turquoise is going in a crochet blanket later! (The Babette is still lurking but needs to wait until I get some other stuff out the way.)

crawler - 7 months

Jamie is now seven months and crawling, commando style, but with constant effort at lifting that tummy for longer and longer. He still needs to figure out how to sit up but it is exciting to watch him grow and develop!

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