Easter WIP

I wanted to add decorations for an Easter tree, health and until we moved I had a beautiful lilac branch that I had painted with irridescent acrylic and used for all holiday occasions – but it didn’t really survive the move. So I have a new branch that was pruned from the crab apple tree at my folks and I wanted some new eggs to hang on it for Easter.


WIP Decopague Eggs


I have been using my decopatch and tissue paper collection, just some finishing to do.


WIP baby hat, Patons/Cotton Glace


Making a baby hat for my friends little girl, in Paton’s DK and Rowan Cotton Glace. I was told by a woman in a yarn shop in York that the yarns were not exactly the same in guage but they are as near as you can get and the two colour ranges work together so brilliantly, I think you would be hard pushed to notice it really.


Cupcake Day


And cupcakes, Nigella’s with a little lime zest added and lime creamcheese icing. Yum!

I watched Julie and Julia recently, food can be so much more than I ever thought, family memories that last forever…

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