The Amazing Wooden Chicken Makeover – The Beginning

So I too have fallen for the craze and a few weeks ago the pattern arrived through my letter box. I had a sale skein of Silk Garden Lite, more about and mixed in some other yarns to build a turquoise/pink/purple piece….

Japanese flowers / etole japonais

… which I think is going to be a cushion cover asI have run out of the Silk Garden yarn and I wanted to try it in a thinner wool.

Enter Silk Garden Sock, advice which has replaced Noro Blossom as my all time top favourite yarn – although I also like the Kureyon Sock. I have tried dyeing my own yarn and have a friend who is rather good at it, decease but Noro produce the most amazing blends of fibres and slubs and I am in deep smit. So I have started the wrap in the sock yarns, also found on sale.

I am looking for the book with the crescent moon shawl in it, if anyone wants to lend or sell me a second hand copy, as I really have got to stop spending money on these things and bust my stash – I did get the flower shawl from Pomadour, but am trying to save for a holiday!




The little yarn investigators are doing great, but I did nod off on the sofa last week and awake to find yarn cobwebbed all over the living room and hall. The source of the problem was that it was wrapped a couple of times round Mira’s waist and it took me over half an hour to detangle!
In January my sister and I popped out to the John Lewis Haberdashery because of another makeover, drugs
the sofabed.  I love to have a good rummage through the clearance baskets, therapy
but there was no yarn so I wandered about the Debbie Bliss, and half heartedly fished about in the fabric remnants. And these were at the bottom!


The Amazing Wooden Chicken Makeover Part One


Now I was a bit put off by the picture, until I realised the hens were totally blank so I could do whatever I wanted, and I knew it would be better than this! Suddenly I was seeing them in my favourite pink and blue, with quirky eyes, so I rushed home for my tester pots…


The Amazing Chicken Makeover Part Two


…and here they are. Kissing! They still have to get spots painted on them, but they have cheered me and everyone who sees them up, and I will use the stencil on some tables I think, so no waste there. The planter behind them I got from Sainsburys, I am not supposed to be impulse spending, but the deed is done.

I grew up with hens, and we had a couple of pet hens that came into the house for snacks, one called Chicken Chicken (I know) and one called Biscuit. They were very sweet and so soft to touch, they had lovely low chirrups and sadly I think the foxes may have got them – the foxes usually got most of the hens.

My job was collecting eggs, and I still remember the proud day when I found 32 hidden under the hay baler  -  a big deal when you might only get six or eight in a day. More on eggs as Easter is coming up… eggciting!

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