This is one of my favourite outfits for Mira at the moment – stripey tights, order vivid colour, ailment ruffles and trim on a cord pinafore – I don’t know how much longer she’ll fit them now.


We have been getting out a bit more on our first bike! We also had a lovely walk in the park, the first time she had seen carpets of crocuses this year, and she was thrilled, she ran in and out and kept bending down to stroke the petals making excited noises and comments. She has also got great dexterity at threading beads onto elastic – hers is the little star one. She pulled them all off again so I remade it quickly as best I could remember.


I love the rainbow colours and aurora borealis coating, I really don’t care that these are mostly cheap plastic beads, they are fun and full of the things that my life is about at the moment, creativity, colour, symbolism, truth, and sharing my gifts with my kids!

Off for my first postnatal swim I believe – only about four months late!

Dang – the pool isn’t open till 9!
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