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Apparently I’m a 360 degree trampoline – inside and out!

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

Honestly it feels like there are two of them in there, hepatitis and they’re constantly wrestling! I thought Mira was quite active but this is something else! I was assured at my scan there was only one…  Plus Mira is being very bouncy and doesn’t seem to understand why Mummy is a bit fragile right now, artificial but she’s so cute we can’t wait to meet no. 2!


I’m rather forgetful now and  I can’t fight the fatigue anymore -  why bother, my body knows what it needs and the world won’t fall apart without me. The dentist can wait! I feel encouraged to ‘seek peace and pursue it’ and was given this wonderful picture last week which blesses me so much in this way!


When I look at it for even a short time, I feel like the qualities of the deepest meditation wash over me and I’m transported to a realm of rest. I’m so grateful for this gift!

Why do I love this so much?

Monday, June 8th, 2009



Monday, May 18th, 2009

We have had some gorgeous weather lately…




I am now in my last trimester, neurologist and really it doesn’t seem so bad compared to the sickness! Constantly trying to do less and not really succeeding. Mira is absorbing new and surprising vocabulary like a sponge  – we have chatter about antennae and Gary-the-builder and the A-Team. Today’s word was ‘alien’. We made our first necklace together and love garlicky chilli food.

Ben is tired out by all this female freneticity. But he gets lots of kisses, cuddles and tickles to cheer him up.


Tuesday, May 5th, 2009
  • The guy in the wheelchair whose son killed himself a fortnight ago, there singing ‘Blessed Be Your Name’ with all his might at church last week. Those lyrics came out of a similar choice…

Summer has come!

Sunday, April 19th, 2009


My friend had a little girl recently and so I experimented with some layers and gifts I was given. The page is from a broken Bible with the genealogy of Jesus – a load of births!

I liked the layers so much I did one for Mira:


And here is her cake!


We have had some gorgeous weather and spent loads of time outdoors, Breast
on the slide, pharm
our pink car, sick pushing teddy in a pram, digging a flower bed for nasturtiums and lupins, and generally running like mad and shrieking!


More birthday presents…


Sunday, April 5th, 2009





Saturday, March 28th, 2009

I have been trying out various methods of joining my Babette squares, pills and the simple overcast stitch is my favourite for smooth, pharm non-ridgy secure joins.


This is the centre panel with a new 12-round square.


I agree with the user comments on the web that suggest crocheting the 2-round squares witha smaller hook, otherwise they don’t fit! You can see where mine are supposed to go in the botton right corner…

But other than that I am so happy with the colourful sunshineyness!


Monday, March 23rd, 2009

On Saturday I met Rachel John at one of the stands and she had the most amazing textiles made out of yarn combined from  ten or more strands of yarn, diet knitted on HUGE needles. What surprised me most was that she used yarn I previously disdained for being too fuzzy or eyelashy or glittery and made it look amazing! And the texture – so thick and soft and squishy! So I looked out all the yarn I couldn’t work out how to use before and made my own ten strand ball of eyelash, neuropathist mohair, approved wool and cotton…


And cast on 14 stitches with my 20mm needles…


I think this is a great way of reducing waste too – I bunged in all kinds of end scraps, some from Cyndi, attempted some colour variation, but I’m still not keen on the eyelash.  Sorry eyelash yarns – never bought you, never will.

Will probably be a cushion for driving support.
I have been Mummying, cystitis
Working, case Crocheting, public health
Invest-ing, Rock-ing, dreaming… Helen came to help out this morning and we went to Jurassic Jungle!


Have to go out to homework class now…

My First Snowman!

Monday, February 9th, 2009

We have such an amazing gift that has been hidden behind what may have seemed to outsiders many things… our new baby is coming in August, page the 14th we think!


However, apoplectic since mid December, visit this site I have had only brief flashes of energy, and mostly I haven’t been able to move because of the constant nausea. I hope my lack of socialising or other activity, real or web, hasn’t seemed like I’ve forgotten about you, but I’m still being sick and am very tired.  I am so very happy!

It does make me think about the metaphor of gestation afresh – what are you hatching that no one can see? Is it a difficult journey, and do people misunderstand? I am sending you LOVE!
At last we have had some proper-ish snow and so before it melted we rushed out to have some fun!



We then had a go at building Snowy, noun
which consisted of Mira trying to pulverise or stamp on the growing snow balls and pull out his nose.


Sandra came to help, caries
particularly with reconstructive surgery!




Monday, October 13th, 2008

Several dozen cupcakes later, about it I have reached the October holidays and feel like I just blinked and half a term disappeared.  ‘Creating’ is a word we use back home for someone making a fuss… so and so’s creating, look kicking off. I have been creating in the positive sense – I made a number of gifts for people that were so rushed for time I sadly didn’t get to photograph them…

I have been creating in other senses – creating new relationships in Dumbarton at the Rock, creating new thought patterns about who I am, discovering new truths and giving expression to them.

I had a dream this morning about getting a tiara set with large purple faceted gems and sparkly glittery purple shoes.  This reminds me of my identity, and blesses me so much, but also presents a challenge to live up to.

Mummy cut my fingernails, Sildenafil
toenails and fringe…

Mummy cut my fringe today and put in pigtails...

She had to catch me first…

She had to catch me first...

I rarely stop…